Programs & Initiatives

Generating, finding, and mobilizing ideas for action.
Programs & Initiatives

CEA’s programs and initiatives are designed to engage educators, students and the wider community in new conversations about learning that are informed by research; that ask and answer new research questions; and that share ideas and results with the world.

Latest Initiatives:

2017 Dropout Prevention Case Study Research Program
Play a lead role in informing and inspiring educational change for Indigenous learners in Canada.
Teaching the Way we Aspire to Teach
Teaching practices exist that enable all students to achieve at high levels.
Regional Exchanges
Helping to gain a clearer understanding of the education trends, challenges and opportunities.
What Did You Do In School Today?
To become good learners, students need to become good thinkers.
Leading the Way We Aspire to Lead
Igniting courageous school leadership
Learning that's driven by you
CEA’s School’s Targets Achievements and Results Team (START)