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There’s not just one way to transform education.  As an innovation intermediary, CEA strives to develop and identify promising innovations and showcase new ideas in practice in the classroom level and local and provincial policies.  

Contribute to CEA’s change agenda. Send us a short write up about what you’re working on and web links to additional information.

We’re on the lookout for learning environments inside and outside of school that engage the hearts and minds of young people – where teaching and learning in the classroom is a truly reciprocal processes in which:   

  • Students are actively engaged in their own learning and are supported to create new perspectives and new knowledge.
  • The exploration of students’ individual interests, passions and talents is an ongoing part of classroom learning.
  • What students learn is ‘real’ and relevant to their lives now and in the future. Learning activities engage them in inquiries, problem-solving, and critical thinking.
  • What students do and learn in their lives outside of school (for example, making music, engaging in social justice work or environmental activism) is valued in the classroom.
  • Young people are motivated and engaged – socially, institutionally and intellectually.

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