Journeys in Youth Mental Health

Youth mental health is a burning concern in Canadian schools and society; indeed it is a burgeoning issue being discussed around the world. This paper presents an emerging and hopeful way to understand the problem by placing the life journeys of young people at the centre of our understanding. In so doing, we open up new spaces for schools to work together with community and medical mental health partners and to form a more coherent system that wraps around the complex and courageous lives of our students.

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Minding Your Mind

Improving mental health literacy is a key way to address the unmet mental health needs of youth. Youth, educational teams and community partners can work together to reduce stigma and empower teachers and young people. Through a partnership between mindyourmind, a community agency focused on youth engagement, and the local school board, digital lessons have been implemented in Grades 9, 10 and 11 classrooms. An evaluation by the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Opening Minds initiative found changes in stigma and increased social tolerance in student responses as a result of the lessons, showing that this approach worked.

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13-Point Bullying Prevention Plan

How can a school combat bullying? This article outlines a 13-Point Bullying Prevention Plan that can be led by the principal of any school to both reduce the amount of bullying and provide a safety net for those affected by it. While there is really “nothing new” regarding each of the 13 points, the author’s experience over 14 years as a school superintendent in charge of safe schools in a southwestern Ontario school district is that when a school adheres to all of them, there will be a reduction in bullying. These 13 elements in bullying prevention do not carry a financial requirement for schools and rely on effective principal leadership and the united efforts of the staff and school community.

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