21st Century Learning, 20th Century Classroom

Teaching and learning have changed and yet our school buildings, physical structures, classroom set-up and class design remain the same. It’s time we thought about how our physical space, schedules and classroom make-up support or constrain the type of learning taking place. The Enrichment and Innovation Centre, in Hamilton, Ont., is a demonstration project that connects educational ideologies (inquiry, design thinking, integrative thinking) to the learning environment itself. Educators seeking ways to enrich their own program through inquiry and project-based learning spaces are invited to visit the Centre.

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A Different Kind of Choice

Each year a significant number of Indigenous families make the choice to move from their home communities in order to access the benefits of public provincial schools in cities and towns. Though these transplanted students’ new schools of choice may offer academic benefits, there are trade-offs that must also be considered. The richness of Indigenous philosophy and thought is, to a large extent, ghettoized in public schools. As a result, Indigenous students often feel disconnected from school and non-Indigenous students are robbed of the broader perspectives that would enrich their educational experience. At the same time, it lies within the powers of Canadian educational institutions to make the significant corrections necessary to reverse these dynamics and thus create the balance that all Canadian students deserve.

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Our Choice

Why do parents, and students, look beyond their neighbourhood school? The reasons are as varied as individuals. Some are looking for something “better” or closer to their own educational philosophy. Some children do not do well (academically or emotionally) in mainstream school, and need a different approach to help them succeed. Whatever the reason, the availability of choice is very important to these families. We asked four “education consumers” – three parents and a high-school student – to tell us why they chose a different kind of school.

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