About Us

A leading research and action centre to influence educational transformation in Canada.

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CEA’s mission is to transform public education by:

  • convening divergent stakeholders to advance ideas and to mobilize a pan-Canadian movement for change in education
  • supporting and promoting the innovation and courageous leadership that is driving change in Canada’s education systems
  • producing and disseminating research that can impact practice and enhance student engagement

CEA’s Vision:

  • That each and every student will achieve success in deeply engaging learning environments.
  • That school is a place for students to discover their passions and interests, which inspires them to become confident and competent learners for life.
  • Where education systems are more adaptive to the rapidly changing and diverse needs of all learners. 

Founded in 1891, the Canadian Education Association (CEA) is a network of passionate educators advancing ideas for greater student and teacher engagement in public education.

CEA does this by conducting research and spreading useful ideas through its publications, website, workshops, symposia, and social media channels; supporting education systems to be more adaptive to the rapidly changing needs of all learners in an effort to reverse the trends of students ‘tuning out’ of their learning opportunities.

As a well-respected non-partisan ‘honest broker’ with a long track record for producing quality research and events across Canada, CEA is well positioned to support Ministries of Education in furthering some of the ambitious objectives contained within their respective education plans.

CEA is one of a very few pan-Canadian educational organizations in Canada today and the only one that has been an important presence for 125 years. As a federally incorporated not-for-profit organization with charitable tax status under the Canada Revenue Act, CEA’s endurance reflects a sophisticated understanding of critical and timely educational issues and trends. Its strength lies in the strategic roles it plays in the Canadian education scene: as a thought and action leader, a connector, and a knowledge mobilizer.

As a thought and action leader, CEA supports governments, school districts, faculties of education and other stakeholders across Canada – networks of ‘thinkers and doers’ in the education research, policy, and practice fields, and outside of education in the not-for-profit and business sectors. CEA’s membership and other active networks include governments, school districts, parents, teachers, universities, and individual researchers, as well as private sector and community organizations.

Education Canada

Education Canada, CEA's flagship magazine is published five times a year. Its editorial stance stimulates thought and provides a forum for ideas and perspectives on current educational issues. Annual subscriptions and single copies can be purchased through CEA or at magazine stands across Canada.

Programs & Initiatives
CEA’s programs and initiatives are designed to engage educators, students and the wider community in new conversations about learning that are informed by research; that ask and answer new research questions; and that ideas and results with the world.